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private pianolessons, keyboardlessons and hammondlessons in amsterdam-zuid and amstelveen

trial lessons on piano, keyboard and hammond

Elvis gives pianolessons and hammondlessons in Amsterdam-Zuid and Amstelveen, as well as keyboardlessons.


Elvis is named after the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but his love for music was triggered when he first saw and heard an Electronic organ & later the Hammond organ, which has become his main instrument ever since.
Being educated on Piano & Home Keyboard as well, Elvis is able to give classes on all mentioned keyboards, regardless of the students musical level.
New students can sign up for four (4) trial lessons.
This is a proved method to get familiar with the preferred instrument & with Elvis’ teaching skills and lessons.
Trials, of 30 minutes each, are scheduled on a weekly basis.

When taking pianolessons, keyboardlessons or hammondlessons on a regular basis, one can choose to take 30 min., 45 min. or 60 min. classes.
Specially for skilled and older students it’s advisable to take 45 or 60 min. classes.
30 min. classes are mostly sufficient for children younger than 12 /13 years of age.

The students musical aspirations will always be considered by Elvis, as well as its preferred musical styles & songs, provided it fits the students level of playing too.
New songs & music theory will be learned in a step by step manner.
Parents are always welcome to join the lessons!

how instruments differ from each other

Pianolessons and keyboardlessons, as well as hammondlessons, do differ in some ways from one another.
As one might guess, the instruments really are different when it comes to sound and specially in the way of playing those instruments.
When a student gains higher levels of playing and musical understanding, gradually Elvis will also focus more on applied playing techniques for each instrument.
Applying the right techniques means also better sounding instruments, much better playabillity of each song and more joy in playing the songs and instrument!

On a regular basis Elvis will pay attention to several ways of studying music.
When applied, students can make a big improvement in their skills & self confidence.
For Elvis the process to come to a better understanding & playing level is more important than quick results.
Are you eager to get more musical understanding, but still are at the very beginning of your musical development, than please see my first tutorial, specially for the absolute beginner! (Dutch spoken)


Every year Elvis organises several student concerts in Amsterdam, Amstelveen or Aalsmeer (click places to check out the venues).
Parents, as well as family and friends, are more than welcome to join these concerts!
Once a year Elvis & 10 students max. will visit a real recording studio where music
production, music recording and the set-up of the studio will be explored & explained.

For his students Elvis is always producing sheet music for piano, keyboard and hammond in almost any popular music style like Pop, Rock, Folk, R’n’B and Dance.
There’s a song for each student at every level and with his experience and knowledge Elvis serves every student with practical tips and good material, without loosing sight on today’s music!
Almost any kind of today’s known music, old and new, can be used in pianolessons, as well as keyboard- and hammondlesons, and there is a lot to choose from!

Check out the video’s on this page to get an idea of Elvis his teaching practice.

All lessons are being held in dutch or english, so english speaking students and expats, living in and around Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Zuid or Amstelveen are welcome too!

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due to corona all gigs, concerts and student recitals are postponed or fully cancelled untill further notice

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