Check my "Hammond Battle" with Sven Figee in the dutch most watched talkshow DWDD of dec 06th 2019! Have fun, Elvis!

Check my "Hammond Battle" with Sven Figee in the dutch most watched talkshow DWDD of dec 06th 2019! Have fun, Elvis!

hammond organist from amsterdam

meet elvis and his hammond a100

Elvis is an Amsterdam based, real Hammond organist, but actually started playing it at the age of 16, after accidentally hearing Milt Buckner play his version of the well known standard “Take the A-Train”!

After hearing Milt Buckner, that Hammond sound became the real deal, the heart of his music!
Now Elvis owns one, a beautifully restored &
chopped A100 from 1960 together with a pair of Leslies 760, both reamped with tube amplifiers.
The built in M.I.D.I. takes Elvis to a new level of playing, making sure he fits-in in almost any type or style of music.
This makes the use of external synth’s & effects very attractive and within reach, which Elvis indeed uses very frequently.

Since his passion for music is not restricted to jazz only, Elvis plays styles like Jazz-Rock,
Soul-Jazz, Latin (Brazilian & Cuban) & Blues with numerous dutch bands in the Netherlands & Europe.
A little but noteworthy detail: Elvis plays bass parts with his feet on the bass pedals!
Which makes him un exceptional & versatile Hammond player & musician.

Sound and gear

His sound can be described as ‘hardcore vintage’ with his Hammond A100 at the heart of it, a beautiful analog bass-synth, all that completed with an analog delay for exploring more and different sound effects.

You can hire Elvis as a studio musician if you need some real Hammond parts to spice up your musical production or band sound.
He has professional (digital) gear needed to record, edit & process music by request, as well as a digital Hammond SKx, if preferred.
Musically, as a hammond organist, Elvis can add great value to your band or projects.

Check out the video’s from his band The Fabulous Jets! and other bands Elvis plays in like Soweto Soul (South African music experience) or BongoMatik (Latin, Funk & Fun!).

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