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book 5 or 10 lessons course - piano, keyboard or hammond

due to corona all gigs are postponed or cancelled, but our music is now online & available on bandcamp! Check it out below...

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Check my "Hammond Battle" with Sven Figee in the dutch most watched talkshow DWDD of dec 06th 2019! Have fun, Elvis!

Check my "Hammond Battle" with Sven Figee in the dutch most watched talkshow DWDD of dec 06th 2019! Have fun, Elvis!

Elvis is named after the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but his love for music was triggered when he first saw and heard an Electronic organ & later the Hammond organ, which has become his main instrument ever since.

Being educated on Piano & Home Keyboard as well, Elvis is able to give piano, keyboard and hammond lessons, regardless of the students musical level.

New students can sign up for four (4) trial lessons. This is a proved method to get familiar with your preferred instrument & with Elvis his teaching skills and lessons...
Elvis Sergo is a real Hammond organ player, based in Amsterdam. He actually started playing Hammond at the age of 16, after accidentally hearing Milt Buckner play his version of the well known standard “Take the A-Train”!

Elvis is well known in Holland as a basspedal virtuoso, as he plays latin, funk and jazz basslines as if he was a bass player himself!

After hearing Milt Buckner, that Hammond sound became the real deal, the heart of his music! Now Elvis owns one, a beautifully restored & chopped Hammond A100 from 1960 together with a pair of Leslies 760, both reamped with tube amplifiers....
Welcome to the "free sheetmusic only!" page. Here you can find different pieces & exercises to improve your musical knowledge and to build your repertoire.

This music page is meant for teachers and specialy for young beginners and intermediate players.

You can choose from theory exercises for reading notes or knowing scales to songs for festive events like birthdays, specialy arranged for the young keyboard players who wish to play more songs beside their methods...

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